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The Complete Dragonspire Chronicles Omnibus E-Book - Books 1 - 6

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Whoever Controls the Dragons, Rules the World

Yaz loves dragons

Unfortunately, only the greatest warriors in Dragonsipre Village become dragonriders.

A runt like him doesn’t qualify.

Since the village won’t give him a dragon to ride, he’s determined to find an egg to hatch and train the dragon himself. Yaz and his new friend Brigid set out on a dragon hunt. But the wider world holds many dangers, sinister secrets, and mysteries best forgotten.

Unknown to Yaz, a dark force is gathering to threaten all he holds dear.

Finding a dragon egg might be the least of his problems.

The Complete Omnibus  contains all six books of the Dragonspire Chronicles: The Black Egg. The Mysterious Coin, and The Dragons’ Graveyard, The Slave War, The Sunken Tower, and The Dragon Empress.
You will get a RTF (848B) file

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Verified Buyer

7 months ago

Series well worth purchasing!

This was a brilliant read. Six books which smoothly flowed from one to the next, each as gripping as the previous one.
It was very difficult to put the book down when it was time to sleep!


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

A bit dark, but grabbing

I read the first book in an anthology, and then just had to get the rest of the series - it's so grabbing! Read it to the end. A bit dark, but truly epic, heroic fantasy at its best.

Coran G.

Verified Buyer

2 years ago

The way of the Dragon spire

I like the way James writes it’s easy to read the story flow nicely and there are interesting twists in the plot,