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The Complete Dragonspire Chronicles Omnibus E-Book - Books 1 - 6

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Whoever Controls the Dragons, Rules the World

Yaz loves dragons

Unfortunately, only the greatest warriors in Dragonsipre Village become dragonriders.

A runt like him doesn’t qualify.

Since the village won’t give him a dragon to ride, he’s determined to find an egg to hatch and train the dragon himself. Yaz and his new friend Brigid set out on a dragon hunt. But the wider world holds many dangers, sinister secrets, and mysteries best forgotten.

Unknown to Yaz, a dark force is gathering to threaten all he holds dear.

Finding a dragon egg might be the least of his problems.

The Complete Omnibus  contains all six books of the Dragonspire Chronicles: The Black Egg. The Mysterious Coin, and The Dragons’ Graveyard, The Slave War, The Sunken Tower, and The Dragon Empress.
You will get a RTF (848B) file

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Verified Buyer

1 year ago

A bit dark, but grabbing

I read the first book in an anthology, and then just had to get the rest of the series - it's so grabbing! Read it to the end. A bit dark, but truly epic, heroic fantasy at its best.

Coran G.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

The way of the Dragon spire

I like the way James writes it’s easy to read the story flow nicely and there are interesting twists in the plot,