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The Hunt For Revenge (Ebook)

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Harper Gale had a good life hunting and living in a log cabin with her father in the peaceful town of Parrville.

But that all changed when a pair of wizards show up and murder him.

With her life in tatters and her heart burning with rage, Harper and her best friend West set out on the road for revenge.

That dark path isn’t an easy one and Harper soon finds herself in deep trouble as she faces murderers, undead, and even a demon.

She’s determined to make those responsible for her pain pay the ultimate price and nothing will stop her.

But the more she learns about her enemies, the clearer it becomes that there’s far more than her revenge on the line. In fact, should her enemies succeed with their plot, the entire kingdom of Montage could fall.

Set in Colt's Land ten years after the events of The Sanguine Scroll, The Immortal Apprentice Trilogy is a spinoff the popular Portal Wars Saga.

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