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The Squire

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Squire Col Vanheim wants nothing more than to train, get his spurs, and get away from the capital with its scheming, arrogant nobles.

As a commoner raised to a position reserved for nobles Col faces bullying, taunts, and dirty tricks, when he isn't ignored completely.

On the day of his greatest triumph a beastman invasion sends Col running for his life with the arrogant Princess Rain in tow.

His mentor murdered, his home in flames, and an army of monsters out to kill him, can Col deliver Rain to the safety of legendary Celestia?

The Squire is a tale of love and honor, duty and revenge, war and survival.
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Customer Reviews

John F.

2 years ago

Great Read

Col is the type of character I’ve come to expect when reading Janes Wisher stories. Positive, hardworking, committed and loyal. All qualities I look for in People j interact with in the real world.

This story is about saving the princess and in turn saving the world, BUT there are some great twists and turns.

With a nice mix of magic and sword play and all the good things you can expect from a battle between dark and light (including some really interesting creatures), do yourself a favor and read The Squire. .